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New Patients

To register as a new patient, no matter you have previously registered with another GP or not, we recommend you the quickest secure way, that is to apply via the link on NHS website.

This is the quickest way to be registered as our new patient. The normal registration may take 7-10 days. If you need it sooner as urgent, please contact the surgery after you submit the registration via NHS website.

We may require your a copy of the proof of ID as well as your corresponding address to help us:

  1. help us identify your correct medical records on NHS so we can transfer them to our own surgery
  2. confirm you live in our surgery’s catchment area only because those Out of Area (OOA) registered patients need to be informed we can’t offer home visit to them, but they can still register. – but not recommended for those new born baby who need local health visitor service for child immunisation.
  3. For the proof of your correspodence address that you would like us and other healthcare organisations to contact, it doesn’t have to be permanent living address. But please be kindly informed that hospital letters may be sent to the address by post. So hopefully the address is reliable and safe for you to pick up letters.

If you choose not provide the proof of ID and the proof of address, please kindly provide us a reason though it is not mandate.

Alternatively you can also download the patient pre-registration health questionnaire as below:

1. New patient registration form for adult

2. New patient registration form for child

3. New patient registration form for new-born baby

This helps us to take over your healthcare as soon as we register you, ensuring your regular medicaition and annual health review to be followed up without a delay.

If you have just submitted the application via NHS website, our reception team will contact you via text message to ask for the pre-registration health questionnaire completed and returned by email as well.

Also please noted that according to our practice policy, any new born baby will be registered automatically in our Surgery if the mum is our registered patient. Once the baby is registered automatically, we will send a confirmation email to the mum. You’ll have a choice after if you would like to move to another GP, usually when the mum is moved. Please do remember to inform us if your family address is changed, so we can update the new address on your kid’s record.

Please read our Practice Leaflet for further information

Click: Practice information leaflet – Highfield – Updated Feb 2024

We encourage our new patients to use our online access service or NHS App so you can book appointments,manage repeat medications, as well as see medical records including test results etc. It will also allow you to apply for supporting other patients in terms of managing their healthcare with consent via a third party access.

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