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Pregnancy Campaign

From 15th May 2023, we have launched a Pregnancy Campaign, which looks at supporting pregnant victims of domestic abuse to seek assistance and reduce the potential risk of harm to them. This campaign is important based on previous studies indicating harmful effects of domestic abuse on pregnant women, unborn children, new mothers, and infants.

Pregnancy is no protection against domestic abuse

if you are worried that your behaviour towards your partner is abusive, speak to your healthcare professional today or call local helpline 0808 80 200 28. This is a freephone number, hidden from bills, and they are open 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday. See www.freeva.org.uk. In an emergency call 999.

Your baby’s future is in your hands.

please visit the website: leicester.gov.uk/domesticabuse.

By working together on this campaign, we hope:
• More conversations take place about the risk of domestic abuse during pregnancy
• More pregnant women, and new mums, who are affected by domestic abuse, talk to a professional about it
• Fathers-to-be, who have any worries about their behaviour towards their partner, talk to a professional about it.
• The local response to those in need improves; some new resources are developed, organisations review their own practice, and systems improve.

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